Central London Reflexology has been offering a corporate service for many years.

Having run my own travel business for over 20 years I am aware of and understand how vital it is to ensure you have a fit, motivated workforce at all levels.   Enhancing working ability can be a challenge and Reflexology could play an important role in helping to achieve maximum company performance by ensuring you have                  “An employee stress management programme” in place.

In a MORI poll it was stated that over a third of the working population (approx. 8.5 million individuals) cited stress as having a negative effect on their health.  In fact we are now aware that an estimated 75% of illness is related in some way to stress.  Absenteeism due to stress in the workplace now costs UK employers in the region of £11 billion a year.   With increasing litigation relating to employee stress related conditions, caused by stressful work environments,

it is vital that companies proactively look for ways in which they can improve well being throughout the workforce.

Evidence That Reflexology Can Have a Beneficial Effect on the Workforce
A number of firms across Europe and the UK are now offering reflexology to their Staff with amazing results.   The following are some case study examples of successes within the work environment. 

  • Study A

Denmark – Odense Post Office employed a full-time Reflexologist in 1990.  They report saving around £100,000 a year due to a 
13.3% reduction in sickness and absenteeism

  • Study B

Ishoj Municipal Health department recorded 2,299 fewer sick hours over a 6 month period in which employees received reflexology 
saving the company £21,490

  • Study C

SAS Cargo estimated a financial saving of £2,000 a month when employees were receiving Reflexology. 

  • Study D

Fonss and Hove, Solicitors in Kolding, found that employees receiving treatment showed greater motivation and enhanced working ability.   
After a four year programme the need for treatments decreased because of minimal sickness and absenteeism

UK organisations now offering Reflexology to Staff include: multi-nationals, city councils, oil companies, football teams, supermarket chains, department stores, computer firms, a fire station, schools, hospitals and many small businesses. 

 Benefits of Reflexology to your Company

Regular Reflexology treatments not only help reduce stress levels but can also help with recovery from a number of acute and chronic conditions.  Company benefits include: 

      • Increased morale, job satisfaction and company loyalty
      • Enhanced concentration, efficiency and accuracy
      • Improved planning, decision making and creativity
      • Better working relationships amongst staff and management
      • Ability of staff to cope more effectively whilst under pressure
      • Speedy recovery and return to work after illness, accident or surgery
      • Pain relief for stress related conditions such as headaches, migraine etc
      • Enhanced staff resilience and resistance to infection and disease
      • Optimum care for staff members by complimenting conventional medicine.

Measures of Success 


  • Reduced sickness and absenteeism
  • Increased productivity and financial benefits

More difficult to measure are the positive effects on morale of employees who feel they are being treated with respect and a caring attitude. 

How Can Reflexology Work In Your Company? 

There is flexibility regarding the amount of input the company can have depending on whether or not the company wishes to subsidise the treatments.
The only commitment required by the company, is the availability of a small room for treatments.


  • Employees can be fully responsible for the cost of their own treatments or treatments can be subsidised in part, or full by the company
  • Treatments can be carried out within working hours provided managers are flexible with times of “breaks”, or sessions can be offered on the premises outside working hours.
  • Employees can book their treatment time direct with me or with a nominated individual within the company.

Treatment Cost
I would be happy to put a proposal together based on a tailor-made package to meet your company needs.   Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further details.  Please see “contact” page.